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Radio Esperanto: Recent Shenanigans

As of Summer 2006 AYBABTU has been airing Radio Esperanto bi weekly since we retrurned to a somewhat regular schedule in Autumn 2004. CJP & Juno Imelda + Special Guests, bringing you a variety of music from the Audio Warfare Laboratories in Capitol Hill. Occasional one-off nights do occur with other DJ's from Cell Division and various other guests.

Autumn 2004. Radio Esperanto Returns (again), Nov 21.
CJP: AutoOuroberotic Apocaloctafugus (a 2 hour tribute to John Balance)
Juno: Kid Tested, Tomoe Approved *hop*
Join us, Alternating Sundays. . . 20:00

Winter through Autumn 2004:
R.E. returns with bi-weekly broadcasts. Every other monday, 19:30.


5 DJs and a crew of freaks descend on G.D.S. Laboratories
to bring in the season of Sun. Though you may not be able to attend in person, feel free to listen.

Cell Division Demo Destruction(02/22/04)
Iko, Dangergirl, & Glas.

My Favorite Nightmare

JunoImelda III spins live from Chez-Narv in Fremont.

The Only Good Law is Unenforced

A two hour broadcast of downtempo stuff and police radio chatter from the LEIU Protest .

Scones And Tones

CJP Spins Sunday Morning Tones and Serves up Breakfast from G.D.S. Labs.

Dirty Bomb Radio

Global Domination Systems Audio Warfare Division and Synoptic stream 12 Hours of the Seattle Terrorist Games, police radio chatter from TOPOFF, mixed with delicious beats and bleeps.

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