If you have a slow connection, or don't want to listen to them as you download, right-click the link and select 'Save As'. The archives will be periodically rotated, so saving locally is a good idea if you want to be able to listen to the file more than once.

To listen as a stream: right-click the link, select 'copy link location'. Then open iTunes, advanced, open stream, and paste the url there.
Radio Esperanto 7/28/06 - CJP: [ random data sets ] 79min, 110MB MP3
Radio Esperanto 10/02/06 - CJP : draw the drapes 79min, 115MB mp3
Radio Esperanto 3/06/06 - CJP : Coins in a Saucer 63min,91MB mp3
Radio Esperanto 01/08/07 - Iko Neuroshard : Suck Fight 2K7 78min, 112MB mp3
Radio Esperanto 02-05-07 - JunoImelda : Ferocity for Imbolc
78min,112MB mp3
Dirty Bomb Radio Part1 - CJP & Acet - 05/12/03 79min, 114MB mp3
All Your Bass Are Belong To Us